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digital menucard system

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  • ProJect abstract
  • System requirement
  • existing & proposed

 The Project is a fine thought to make the complex procedure of the Hotel management system to an easy manner which is systematic, modular designed, selective menu based user display. The modular design and constructed system is very much user oriented in which user can easily understand the tools and can do edit of his own choice. The system is not any tough more and does not possesses many applications but it is made by focusing on the maintaining records employee’s actions in a computerized system rather than time taking and cumbersome manual system.
The project is a software application that can be easily handled by minimum educated and simple computer knowledge person without any option of error. Two kinds of users can handle the system.

1. Users

2. Administrator or Hotel Management.

The Application users are the customers or the staff who can see the news and updates of the Hotel. The Administrator is responsible for updating the Hotel details on computer. The Administrator is the authorized user who has power to change or edit the updates as well as the password. In case of forgetting of password, there will be a provision to password recovery.

The purpose of the whole process is to ease the daily or regular activities of the Hotel Management into an automatic computerized retrievable process. The daily activities includes the table booking details, entering  the details of the new customer check in, to allocate a table as per the customer need and interest, recording the checkout time and details, releasing or empty of table.

Hardware Configuration

Processor               : P 4 700GHz
Speed                      : 1.7 GHz.
RAM                       : 1GB
Hard Disk                : 40 GB HDD
Monitor                   : 15” digital color monitor
Keyboard                : 104 keys
Mouse                     : Logitech Mouse


Software Specification

Operating System  : Windows XP
Front End                : VB 6.0
Backend                  : Ms Access


Existing System :

In existing they have to maintain a large number of books/registers is a costly affair. This can be avoided by putting the data in the computer format that is cheaper and reliable. Since the cost of resources for development of system satisfies the organization, the software is economically feasible. So we found the necessity of providing all the information and the facility to reserve his accommodation through the net so that maximum satisfaction is achieved by the customer with least effort.


Proposed System :

The Hotel Management System project is to replace manual working pattern of hotel management with computerized system. A customer can book table in advance with an advance date of check in. When customer come to the hotel his booking status is changed to check in and similarly when he leaves hotel his status is again changed to check out. Customer information remain in the history for further use and this is used when the same customer again come to the hotel. User just search his record and use accordingly, it saves time and make working faster.