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Airline reservation project

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  • ProJect abstract
  • System requirement
  • existing & proposed

Airline Reservations Systems contain airline schedules, fare tariffs, passenger reservations and ticket records. An airline inventory contains all flights with their available seats. The inventory of an airline is generally divided into service classes (e.g. First, Business or Economy class) and up to 26 booking classes, for which different prices and booking conditions apply. Inventory data is imported and maintained through a Schedule Distribution System over standardized interfaces. One of the core functions of the inventory management is the inventory control. Inventory control steers how many seats are available in the different booking classes, by opening and closing individual booking classes for sale. In combination with the fares and booking conditions stored in the Fare Quote System the price for each sold seat is determined.
Users access an airline inventory through an availability display. It contains all offered flights for a particular city-pair with their available seats in the different booking classes. This display contains flights, which are operated by the airline itself as well as code share flights which are operated in co-operation with another airline. The availability of seats of other airlines is updated through standard industry interfaces. Depending on the type of co-operation it supports access to the last seat (Last Seat Availability) in real-time. Reservations for individual passengers or groups are stored in a so-called Passenger Name Record (PNR). Among other data, the PNR contains personal information such as name, contact information or special services requests (SSRs) e.g. for a vegetarian meal, as well as the flights (segments) and issued tickets. ADO will function under ASP.NET. However, the work necessary to convert ADO applications to ADO.NET is worthwhile. For disconnected applications, ADO.NET should offer performance advantages over ADO disconnected record sets.

Hardware Configuration

Processor               : P 4 700GHz
Speed                      : 1.7 GHz.
RAM                       : 1GB
Hard Disk                : 40 GB HDD
Monitor                   : 15” digital color monitor
Keyboard                : 104 keys
Mouse                     : Logitech Mouse


Software Specification

Operating System  : Windows XP
Front End                : VB 6.0
Backend                  : Ms Access


Existing System :

The existing system is manual entry of up keeping of the details of the persons who are registered already. And it is very difficult for each person to come to the office. Users can also enquire about the tickets through phones. It is very difficult for the user to remember all the details that they received through phones. And it is also very difficult to calculate how many people registered in a month by hand. This requires quite a lot of time and wastage of money as it requires quite lot of manpower to do that. Another factor that takes into account that is the possibility of errors and which requires verification and checking of data relating to various operations which is done manually. Data's are stored globally and are retrieved in the same manner. Most of the data are hidden from outside the world. The limitations of existing system are that it is not all personalized. It cannot be used for personal and quick reference. Even the other staff members can make quick entries if the responsible person is not present.


Proposed System :

The modern computerized system is developed with the aim to overcome the drawbacks of existing system. The proposed system has got many advantages. People from different parts of the world can register very easily. The new system is more personalized. It is maze in such a manner that all the new users can understand all the options in it very easily. It is made in a quick and easy referential manner. This system helps the user to go through the rates quoted by different travel agencies and select the convenient rate that is suitable for him.
Access to all important matters are not always locked and can be opened easily at the time of urgency. The advantages of proposed system are that security is maintained in the new system. Securities for all important data are maintained confidentially. As it is easily understandable and user friendly, quick entries can be made in this system.